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Custom built employee engagement programs that align the hearts and minds of your people with the nuts and bolts of your company strategy.

Develop, Engage, and Retain great talent

Our goal with this work is to help you create an environment that people can’t wait to get to every day. Through the lens of a clear and compelling company mission, we help you build your organizational culture with powerful recognition and reward initiatives, strong recruitment strategies, enjoyable employee programs and consistent leadership practices. We hold your hand all the way, innovating with you and training your leaders as we go.

Then we supplement all of that expertise in leadership and organizational development by bringing in the Trampoline design and marketing big guns. We design and deliver bold 360 degree employee experiences that keep your culture alive at every touchpoint, with unique custom built Apps, buzz-generating print campaigns, cool merchandise, synchronized multi-site events, even competitions and sweepstakes. We offer this service soup to nuts, but we’re very happy to help you improve and build on any initiatives you may already have under way.