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No ropes, blindfolds or trust falls— just engaging experiences to focus, energize and unite a high performing team.


Our team offsite events are deliberately designed to avoid blindfold trust games and anything with ropes or grids on the floor. We focus on what matters : honest conversation, practical problem solving and authentic connection. We crank it up a notch by bringing intellectual rigor, tongue in cheek commentary and stimulating ideas that appeal to even the most sophisticated players in your organization. We might just kick a little team ass too if you think it’s called for (gently, of course.) Emotional Intelligence can also be a part of these events, with a specific focus on the aspects that make for great teamwork.

Vision, Mission and Values

Have you ever spent two days at a torturous offsite, somewhere in a windowless conference room with a bunch of fellow prisoners colleagues writing a mission statement that you’d already forgotten by the time you got home?

Well this isn’t that meeting.

Our quick, simple process will surprise and inspire you. We take the heart of who you are as an organization, then elevate it to a powerful, meaningful statement of why you exist and the values that drive you. Our process has never failed, so we’ve made this a core offering and are happy to give you a guarantee that you’ll nail it together in less than a day AND you’ll have a great time getting there.